Education Marketing

Over 35 years of Education Marketing Experience

Now more than ever, schools and districts need a competitive edge when it comes to marketing, branding and student recruitment efforts. Each family and child has an impact on not only the educational quality of your program, but also your financial stability and sustainability.


How do you make your program standout in the community that you serve, and let parents and families know that their children will soar socially and academically each year they are with you? Initial Brands Education Branch is the perfect solution and support partner for your needs.


Initial Brands Education Branch handles all aspects of social media platforms, website design, hosting and marketing needs for schools and districts.  Whether you need postcards or mailers, yard signs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, commercials, billboards, etc… we are a full service organization that will customize a package to fit your budget and needs.


Many schools do not have a strategic and consistent marketing plan and have a try and see approach that many times does not yield the results that they are looking for. The mission and vision of the school and district are not truly conveyed and many parents are not aware that you are the best quality choice for enrollment. Let our team of educational experts and specialists assist you and get you on the track towards success and build upon what you already have proven to be effective to a wider audience. 

What We Do In Education Marketing


Let us help you grow your enrollment and increase your schools reach by creating a personalized campaign that fits your schools needs.


We use our knowledge, and branding experience to create a long lasting brand identity that fits your institutions goals and long term vision.


Let us use our experience and relationships, to build the perfect media campaign for your building or district.


Our team of professionals will increase your search engine ranking for each page of your website.  This will allow you to be visible when certain keywords are searched that can be linked to your business or services you offer.


Full service social media management including daily posting, growth, design, and engagement across all social media platforms


Our team of graphic designers are second to none which allows us to add great design to any project or service we provide.


Along with a top of the line Website Design, We also offer full website management to handle any website changes that need to be adjusted throughout the week, along with site security and integration.


Our strong partnerships and design capabilities allow us to provide printing services for your school in any capacity big or small at a competitive rate.


We provide full service direct mail marketing from listing to creating mailers, as well as sending them. Create your perfect campaign with us.


Our professionally trained street team will either collaborate with staff or fully canvas neighborhoods throughout your campaigns. 


Direct e-mail marketing to parents in the certain radius of specified targeted locations.


Our team will acquire and design billboards based on location and traffic using our vast partneships, and business relationships