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What We DO For EDU

Our innovative solutions drive students to your school, increase enrollment rates, and

bolster retention. Put the power of marketing to work for you with our experts at Initial Brands. 

Education Services

Enrollment Marketing

Now more than ever, schools and districts need a competitive edge when it comes to marketing...

Virtual Registration

Registration can be a headache for families we motivate and streamline this process in by making it virtual.

E-mail Server Management

We can manage an unlimited amount of e-mail user with a high storage base, and an unmatched user experience.

Website Design & Management

We design and most importantly manage your site in order to engage your district/school community in the best ways to drive results..

Weekly Analytics

We provide weekly comprehensive analytics and real-time alarms for operational performance management via social media platforms, school marketing strategies and the school website.

Event Planning

We can guide you in putting together show stopping occasions for the best way to ensure fun for parents, students and staff.  Our event objectives are a sure way to gain more traction to a building.

Social Media Management

We execute ways for your school to have an online presence and balances the goals, market and your schools culture. 

Rentention Planning

It is important to continue to keep families and students who have already been in attendance happy so they will continue on the academic path in your building.  We have mastered retaining students and staff by the specific plans we have put together.

Sports Media

We create content, assists in branding, creates awareness and provides programs designed to take your sports events to the next level.

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